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Our mission
is a platform for IoT vulnerability management and over-the-air update orchestration at scale. A platform that is both safe and secure.

Our mission is to keep our clients' IoT devices secure and online by providing stressless over-the-air update experience.
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Błażej Pawlak, CEO & Co-Founder
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“Modino” is an Italian word used for misbehaving children, which roughly translates to “behave yourself”.

We imagine our system as a guardian for various small IoT devices that keeps them in check and makes sure that they all behave as they should.

About Modino creates holistic deployable packages with your software and provides its safe and secure delivery to your IoT devices – in both private cloud and On-premise models.

Stay in control by monitoring update deployment status and automatic vulnerability detection.

Trust to keep your devices up-to-date and protected.

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