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If you want to make a meaningful impact, become a Modino Partner. You'll have the opportunity to share your expertise, collaborate with our team, and contribute to innovative solutions.

Join us on this exciting journey as we work together to make a difference.

What is Modino Partner Program?

With your feedback we can grow faster and in a more tailored way. Creating intuitive solutions that can be easily integrated into your environment.
A place where you can have a direct impact on how our innovation will be shaped. We’re looking forward for your experiences and domain expertise to pursue the innovation together, to create a product tailored to users needs. Your needs.
Let us know about your needs and pain points, so we can find a solution for those. Nothing is impossible – even if it seems that way.

Benefits of joining the Program

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    You will help shape the future of in a way, that you can benefit most from.

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    You will get a sneak peek into new features. To make sure they are matching your needs and addressing the pain points.

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    Your voice will be heard and may affect our roadmap. Nothing makes us happier than satisfied clients.

How it works?

Engage in 1-2 hours of activities every month:

Usability tests

Initial design consultations

In-depth interviews

Participation in workshops


Join, Engage, Grow

Ready to empower your influence? Join our partner program and be part of a network that fosters growth and innovation.
  1. Apply and and get verified

    After applying to the Partner Program we will verify you and get to know you more.

  2. Sign the agreement

    We need to prepare the legal, it might take a while.

  3. Wait for an invite

    Get ready for a message from us, providing you access to special benefits.

  4. Your time, your terms

    Participation is free of charge and it is up to you how much time you would like to invest.

  5. No strings attached

    You can resign at any time, whenever you choose.

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